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frequently asked questions

  • Q. I am getting traffic but my visitors are not staying, why?

    A. this is typically due to poor visitor experience and is an area at which I excel in repairing. A quick look at the site should give me a good idea of the problem. I will do this Free of Charge. Just fill out the contact us form with as much information as you can. I will get back to you within one business day.
  • Q. I have a lot of content on my site but I am not getting traffic, why?

    A. there are many reasons why you are not getting traffic included but not limited to on-page optimization, off-page optimization, link building, SE submissions and many more. I can evaluate your site – Free of Charge – to find out what is going on (or not, as the case may be)
  • Q. I only have a small website of four pages. What is the least amount of work you will accept?

    A. We provide anything you need from a ten-word tagline to a five thousand-word white paper, from one page to one thousand pages. Whatever you need, we will get your message across persuasively and drive business to you. As a side note, a four page site needs to be very focused or it will not get into the big league. Did you know, for effectiveness, a contact-us page should be three pages – minimum. I will explain when you contact us.
  • Q. what do you mean by “I will optimize your sites aesthetics”? Are you going to change the design?

    A. I advise my clients on how to get optimum results from their pages based on their targeted audience. For instance, the order of the navigation bars and their content play an important role, and is often overlooked – or not even realized – by many webmasters.
  • Q. can you give me an approximation for improving my website traffic?

    A. Each project is different which means the quote you receive will be unique to you. There are quite a few parameters involved when establishing exactly what you need. Send me some information on the contact us form and I guarantee I will get back to you within one business day.
  • Q. what services do you offer?

    A. Write Research Office provides professional data research, copy writing and web content optimization services. small businesses and website owners benefit from our clear, effective and SE optimized writing, press releases, letters, personal profiles, web copy and marketing material. in fact, anything you need written to get your business moving, we can do.
  • Q. what happens to my email address when I contact you.

    A. I guarantee you will not be added to ANY mailing list - my own included. We hate spammers as much as you do, probably more so. Your information will only be used to contact you in reply to your message. That's it. if you decide you want to leave your project to a later date - or not at all - then your email will be deleted. Guaranteed.
  • Q. I live in a different time zone, what is the best way for us to communicate?

    A. My primary means of communication is email. I have clients living a few streets away and I have clients several time zones away. For that reason, I like to keep my communication to email only. I have done thousands of dollars worth of work for clients with whom I have never met or even spoken.