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effective website content

Whether you are a new site, looking to make it big or an existing site that hasn't quite got there, you are going to need optimized content for your website - and I mean good copy.

Forget the nonsensical corporate-speak designed to impress. It impresses no one, especially not the visitor you need to convert.

  • You need interesting, informative content to convert your traffic.

That's where I come in. My name is Ian Patterson. I'm a professional website content writer, content optimizer and web conversion specialist. I help businesses, big or small to make it online and I am exactly what you're looking for.

Why you need effective content

Your website content makes or breaks your conversion rates. If you are not getting the conversions, there is good a reason for it. Either you are not getting the website traffic or the traffic you are getting is bouncing like a rubber ball. Both ways, you lose.

Even if your site has a lot of information, if it is not aimed specifically at your targeted visitor they are going to leave. It's a fact, there's no two ways about it and that is why you are here, right? You want website content that will convert into actions.

Writing good website content is more than putting pen to paper (keystroke to code)and it is more than adding keywords. It includes content flow for readability and page format for scannability. It's about making the content interesting as well as informative.

what I am offering you

What I am offering is to write good, clear and concise optimized content in a style that is friendly, that people can understand and relate to without cluttering the page with impressive words that no one understands and are not related to the topic at hand.

My writing attracts website traffic for you right from the title. I want visitors to pick your listing from the SERPs instead of someone else. But it doesn't end there. Your content must get them interested, interested enough to keep reading down the page.

Actually visitors don't read website content, they scan - but I know how to catch the scanners. I am going to get those scanners so interested, they are just going to want to click through.

The good news is that my optimized content actually starts working the moment a surfer lands on it.

Your website content is different?

It's very hard to get anyone to buy anything if they cannot see it or feel it. You have know how to tell your visitor

  • what it looks like,
  • what it feels like,
  • how nice it smells
  • and the taste, oh my gosh there isn't a taste like it anywhere else - only here.

What you are offering your visitor, is an experience.

It doesn't matter what your line of business is or what you're selling you need to get it across to your visitor, get your visitor to imagine they are almost holding it, it's only a click away. That's the difference.

why my style works for you.

I use plain, honest to goodness English that is friendly, easy to understand and remain professional. If you want your website traffic to convert into paying customers, then let me get on with the job of writing your content for you.

You've made it this far, so my style must be working. You are now just one click away from getting a free quote.

Oh, by the way, I do NOT keep your email address. More about that on the free quote. page.