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Writing press releases

Writing press releases is becoming very popular for getting the word out about anything and everything under the sun.

The problem with press releases

The internet creates a very easy and inexpensive way to distribute press releases and that is why everyone and their dog are writing them. The misconception is that the more press releases you can get published the more back links you will create and the more traffic you will get.

Nothing is further from the truth.

Press releases are almost mass-produced, with little regard to the reader or the reader’s reaction and people are bored with the same old “same old”. If a press release is going to do any good at all, it needs to be interesting and informative otherwise it will never get picked up by the news editors.

Your press releases must be attention grabbing and make them sit up and take notice. Don’t make the mistake of flooding the market to build your traffic and back links.

Think quality not quantity.

Here is a sample release I wrote for two sisters in Phoenix Arizona for their innovative device to stop scorpions climbing into babies cribs.

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